Control System Programming


As an authorized dealer of AMX, Crestron and Extron, Advanced Video Systems gives you the ability for total control of your new or existing audio and video systems. Our services include simple controls for a small room control or touch panel ready systems that can run an entire building. Our technicians are also able to configure other systems such as Biamp audio processors, Polycom video conferencing and ONSSI Ocularis security systems.

AV System Service and Support


Additional support packages and training are available on a case by case basis. Our work is backed by a 100% 90 day warranty for workmanship and defective products. Manufacturer’s warranties will also be provided. We also provide service contracts to keep your system running optimally. We service the tri-state area, including Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, and Delaware.

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Multimedia Transfer Services


Your precious memories are still stored on legacy formats but films, tapes, home movies, vinyl records, photos, and slides deteriorate and fade over time. We transfer home movie films and video tapes to DVD, create custom slideshows, retouch old photos and slides, and transfer audio tapes and vinyl records to CD so you can enjoy to the golden oldies again. All of our work is performed exclusively in-house, at our studio, in Baltimore county. We can even create digital files of your photos, VHS video tapes, films, records and audio cassette tapes so you can share them with family and friends around the world on facebook, youtube, twitter, pintrest, or email.

AV System Solutions


Our objective at Advanced Video Systems is to provide the best solutions for any and all of your audio and video systems integration needs. We craft a customized system to fit your organization’s needs. Our scope of work includes sound systems for auditoriums, digital projection systems for corporate board rooms and government agencies, and production of content for digital signage and exhibition design. Our on-site technicians are trained to provide a clean, reliable, and correct installation of new products and complete integration of existing systems. In accordance with state, county, and local codes, we aim to give your system the professional look the industry demands. We also work with your staff to provide products that will give you the abilty for scalability as technologies in the A/V field are constantly changing.


Audio, Video, and Image Restoration


Advanced Video Systems specialises in multimedia restoration. If your photos, slides, or audio recordings have deteriorated, our restorative services can help improve clarity and bring back color or sound quality. We can recover details to faded photos and reduce the noise, pops, hiss, and scratches on vinyl records. We also work to correct problems with color and exposure.

Please note: Restoration is dependent upon condition of source material.
Seriously damaged original materials may be unable to be restored, regardless of technique.

Equipment Rentals



We offer equipment rentals for corporate meetings and social events. Make your wedding party the most memorable with a video slideshow on projector. Is your business presenting in front of a group of potential clients? Is your PowerPoint presentation ready to be projected on a screen? Do you have your sound system ready to amplify your message? Advanced Video Systems has your solution. We provide the hardware you want to make your event the most captivating for your needs.

Photos/Slides to DVD



We digitize, retouch and restore your old photos and slides so you enjoy them for years to come. Share your vintage picture albums with family and friends online, or at special events like wedding parties and family reunions. Our editors can even create a custom DVD montage of all your pictures with background music and captions.


Videotape to DVD Transfers


They say we learn from history, and if history has taught us one thing, it’s that leg warmers are not really as fashionable as people think they are. Remember this and other nostalgic fashion miststeps with a glimpse into your past. While those VHS memories might be something you’d rather forget, your fade and your fads should never be lost.

We transfer from all tape formats to DVD, including Video8, Hi-8, Digital 8, VHS, Betacam, Betamax, VHS-C, ¾”, and Mini-DV.

Video Production for Web and Broadcast


Advanced Video Systems’ most popular service is web video production. More and more, companies need to engage their customers through social media. Research indicates that companies that use video on their website homepage experience a higher rate of new customer conversions.

They know the value of professionally produced videos that introduce their customers to the products or services they provide. They understand that the return on investment pays off when people visit their websites and are greeted by a video. They realize that online video instantly captivates and familiarizes their customers with their product or service.

Our Studio

Advanced Video Studios is a fully-featured  video production studio with green screen capabilities. Our video production division began in 1998 and has since become one of most established video production studios in the Baltimore area. We have shot and produced countless instructional videos for such notable clients as T. Rowe Price and Stanley Black and Decker. We also cater to small companies and entrepreneurs who want to market their products and services for use on their websites and create brand awareness by sharing corporate content.

Premium Content Generation

Our decades of experience in the field of audiovisual production offers a distinct advantage over amateur studios. We shoot and edit professional work. If you’re unable to get out of the office, we can arrange to bring our studio to you. We have portable solutions to meet your needs. We can film corporate events, instructional videos, and produce radio commercials and voiceovers in-house.

Film Transfers To DVD

Film Reels Stock Pic

As you may or may not know, film breaks down and image quality deteriorates over time. Advanced Video Systems can transfer your Super 8, 16mm and 8mm home movies to DVD. Not only will you be able to conveniently show your movies to friends and family, but you’ll gain peace of mind knowing you have it all archived, preserving your most precious memories for generations even after the original reels are no longer useable. Advanced Video Systems can make multiple copies and even personalize your movies with background music and chapter titles. We perform all of our work on-location, so you can trust Advanced Video Systems with your oldest memories.

Our Blog

Eating Healthy Commercial for Dr. Gail Davis

Dr. Gail Davis’ “Healthy Life Begins” has exciting news – her first book series, Eat Well, Live Long, is on sale now at The book features the preparation of live, raw-food recipes using pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. This one-of-a kind book reveals a revolutionary way to prepare raw food using essential oils to enhance natural flavors. Your cells receive the nutrition they need while your taste buds receive the satisfaction they crave!

Watch the video: Healthy Life Begins (opens in new window)

Drop off point!

photoAdvanced Video Systems is now a Staples preferred vendor for media transfers. Drop off your media to AVS at Staples in Timonium (2131 York Rd, Timonium, MD 21093)Screen shot 2013-06-15 at 10.36.55 AM

What People Are Saying About Our Free Seminar: How to Turn a Profit Using Video, Social Media, Advertising, and Professional Photography For Pennies On The Dollar!

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How to Turn a Profit Using Video, Social Media, Advertising, and Professional Photography For Pennies On The Dollar!

LS Jamie header

May 7, 2013 from 2:00-3:30, Join Advanced Video Systems at their state-of-the-art video studio for an exciting and informative free seminar on how to increase sales and turn a profit.
Business owners need to take advantage of this invaluable information so they can get the most out of their specials and promotions while delivering the same level of quality their regulars have come to expect. We are expecting a huge turnout and this is a great way to meet other successful business owners, so please RSVP with Stacy Gillis as soon as possible. Call 410-363-3680 or email
We are expecting a huge turnout and this is a great way to meet other successful business owners, so please RSVP with Stacy Gillis as soon as possible.
Call 410-363-3680 or email

Stacy Gillis
CEO, Advanced Video Systems

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