If your whole home video collection is on DVD, then you’re ready to take the final step in the preservation process by transferring those DVDs to a Hard Drive. DVD is a fragile, but important intermediary format between the analog-digital divide, nonetheless. Once you’ve transferred your DVDs to Hard Disk, it’s a breeze to copy your favorites to the cloud or share them on YouTube!

They say we learn from history, and if history has taught us one thing, it’s that leg warmers are not really as fashionable as people think they are. Remember this and other nostalgic fashion miststeps with a glimpse into your past. While those VHS memories might be something you’d rather forget, your fade and your fads should never be lost. We transfer from most tape formats to DVD, including Video8, Hi-8, Digital 8, VHS, Betacam, Betamax, VHS-C, ¾”, and Mini-DV.

As you may or may not know, film breaks down and image quality deteriorates over time. Advanced Video Systems can transfer your Super 8, 16mm and 8mm home movies to DVD. Not only will you be able to conveniently show your movies to friends and family, but you’ll gain peace of mind knowing you have it all archived, preserving your most precious memories for generations even after the original reels are no longer useable. Advanced Video Systems can make multiple copies and even personalize your movies with background music and chapter titles. We perform all of our work on-location, so you can trust Advanced Video Systems with your oldest memories.


A generation ago, music meant vinyl albums or audio cassette tapes. Who doesn’t have stacks of records or tapes tucked away somewhere, gathering dust? Advanced Video Systems can transfer your records and tapes to CD. Like film and video, records and tapes can break down and show deterioration over time – specifically through warping, stretching or breaking. Plus, record players and cassette decks aren’t indestructible and are harder to buy or repair as time goes on.




Our technicians have added a new feature to the Magical Memory Time Machine! We now offer digital reproductions and prints from the telescopic photo viewer keychain souvenirs you got from the beach. (Also known as Beach viewers, Photo Viewers, or Magnifying viewers.) Enjoy your fondest summer memories together again with the included printed photo, picture frame, and digital files with your order.
We digitize, and digitally restore your old photos and slides so you can enjoy them for years to come. Share your vintage picture albums with family and friends online, or at special events like wedding parties and family reunions. Our editors can even create a montage of all your pictures, complete with background music and captions. We can scan a vast number of different transparency formats too, including slides, negatives and medium format film, up to 6×22 cm. With our advanced scanners, we can digitally process and clean your slides to enlarge up to 17′ x 22′. ready for digital print at the optimal resolution!

CD and DVD dubs include text and logo printed on disc, packaged in a windowed paper sleeve. VHS dubs include text and logo printed on a VHS face label, and protected by a blank paper sleeve. For large quantities and other specialty options please call for custom quote.